Are you thinking about installing a skylight to open your house to more sunlight?

Are you searching for a company to help you repair your broken skylight? Or maybe your current skylight is leaking. No matter what the problem you have with your skylight, our Orange County skylight service company can help solve your problem. Our skylight services range from consulting and installing to replacing broken glass and stopping leaks to replacing an older skylight with a more energy efficient model.

Homeowners installing a skylight in their home are curious about what type of skylight is best. Consulting with a professional Orange County skylight service company helps decide what type of skylight to install. There are numerous models and manufacturers of skylights in a variety of styles and shapes. Consulting with a professional skylight service company takes the guessing out of making the wrong decision when purchasing a skylight.

Do you know where the best spot to place a new skylight might be? Placement is an important part of installing a skylight. Our Orange County skylight services will show you the best place to install your new skylight in order to gain all the benefits. A professional skylight installer knows that exact place to install a skylight based on your needs. Besides placement, a skylight services company uses the correct flashing products to protect you from water damage. The number reason a skylight leaks is due to improper installation.

Older skylights are challenging for homeowners to repair. Repairs can range from a leaking roof due to poor flashing or perhaps the glass was broken due to violent weather. A professional skylight company knows where to buy the correct piece of replacement glass, eliminating any problems of matching your current skylight framework. Leaking skylights cause damage to your roof and interior of your home. Repairing the flashing with the correct type is guaranteed when you hire a professional skylight service company. Repairs include such items as a broken motor, installing a different component on the framework, replacing the glazing on the glass, and repairing an interior shade on a skylight.

Older skylights require maintenance over time. Most homeowners don’t want to take the chance of stepping on their roof or falling off their roof. Hiring a professional skylight service company allows you to keep a regular maintenance schedule for your skylight. Maintenance services include cleaning the glass or plastic, oiling a motorized skylight, keeping the flashing intact on your roof, and making sure that your skylight is giving you all the benefits you expected when you installed a skylight.

There are many decisions that homeowners need to make in their life about their home. Hiring an Orange County skylight service company takes the anxiety of installing, repairing, and maintaining a quality skylight on your home.

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