Upgrading Older Skylights with New Technology

Are you one of the many homeowners thinking about replacing an older or broke skylight? If the answer is yes, you have some decisions to make. Talking with a qualified Orange County skylight replacement service is the ideal way to start. A professional skylight installer helps homeowners find the right skylight to satisfy their needs.

Over the years the technology of skylights has changed dramatically. Today, there are thousands of skylight options on the market. Wading through all the choices is cumbersome for most homeowners. A professional Orange County skylight replacement service knows the type of skylight that is best for your home.
Here is a short list of technology changes in skylights that homeowners need to learn before selecting a new replacement skylight.

Glass Types

Older skylights were constructed with non-tempered glass. Non-tempered glass is dangerous. When an older non-tempered glass skylight breaks, there are millions of sharp pieces laying everywhere. One important change over the years for skylights is the wide range of glass used in constructed skylights. Newer skylights are built with tempered or laminated glass. When a tempered glass skylight breaks, there is less of a chance a homeowner will cut themselves during cleanup. When a laminated glass skylight breaks, the laminate over the glass traps the glass pieces from falling to the floor. Cleanup of a broken tempered or laminated glass skylight is easier for homeowners.

Energy Efficiency

Older skylights were not constructed to reduce energy consumption. Older skylights were built using one pane of glass or plastic. Today, there are energy efficient standards attached to skylights. Homeowners can purchase a skylight with two or three panes of glass. Energy efficiency is helped with each pane of glass. Between the panes of glass, there are different types of gasses to help regulate energy efficiency. Purchasing a skylight that meets a specific energy star rating is a must. A qualified skylight installer helps a homeowner determine which model of skylight fits their energy needs.

Damaged or Leaking Skylights

Often times homeowners find out too late when their skylight is damaged or leaking. Improper installation is the number one reason a skylight leaks. A professional Orange County skylight replacement service understands the proper way of installing a new skylight. A qualified skylight installer uses the correct flashing kit recommended by the skylight manufacturer. Using the correct materials during installation is a must for homeowners.

Replacing a Skylight

Homeowners are challenged when replacing an older or damaged skylight. First, they must remove the old skylight. Removing an older skylight is difficult. Homeowners must tear open their roofs exposing the inside of their home to weather. A qualified skylight installer knows the exact cuts to make to a roof when removing an older skylight. Their expertise eliminates any chances of water entering a home before a new skylight is installed.

As you can see, replacing an older or damaged skylight is tricky. There are hundreds of items that can go wrong while installing a new skylight. If you are worried about replacing an older skylight, then the best thing you can do is contact a professional skylight installer.

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