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Doing one thing well since 1979…

Good work is not cheap, but bad work is far more expensive. I pay my guys from 6:AM when they arrive until they return and junk the debris in the dumpsters. They are paid for travel time as well as time on job, which makes for a great degree of loyalty and commitment, being well payed .

I know I can’t draw direct comparisons to my competition, we all have different overhead costs, pay scales for our employees, but the way I pay my men has a direct corollary on the work my men provide. Most of my men have worked for me exclusively for 10 years or more.

We are a family here, and all of us are answerable for the work we do every day. That makes for a very high quality of product and performance. My fabricators have worked making skylights in the shops since they were teenagers. They are now 52 and 60 years old.

I myself stated this business in my tools 35 years ago, after having spent 15 years working my way up from carpenter to construction supervision over commercial, industrial, and residential projects, and come from that origin, learning about skylights from a tradesman’s perspective, not as a salesman. I am saying that I am a problem solver and job runner because of that, not some guy that just wants his commission.

Fill A Form, Get A Quote, Smile!

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(800) 923-4777