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About Us

My father was a building tradesman, as was his father before him, and his father as well. My great grandfather told him how it was for him in a time without telephones, when a tradesman would travel with his wagon from village to town searching for work.

He had no way to represent his past work, as you couldn’t just give out your past references for your clients to call and check.

He told my Dad that people then would go out to the tradesman’s wagon and look at how organized he was. They would check the edges of his tools to see if they were sharp, look for how clean and oiled he kept his things.

This would tell them the kind of work they could expect from the tradesman, and they would base their decision on what they saw.

With this site, I am showing you how sharp are my tools, how together an operation I run, and what you can expect from my organization…

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