How Skylights Benefit Homeowners

In today’s world, everyone is thinking green. More and more people are doing their part to reduce waste, preserve resources and lessen energy consumption. One way homeowners can help with the environment is by installing skylights. However, alongside helping out the environment, the benefits of skylights include improving mental and physical health and increasing the appeal of your home.

While many still consider skylights a luxury, science has proven that our exposure to natural light can not only improve your mood, it can also help to improve productivity. Using skylights to brighten up those dark areas of your home can make a real difference if you find yourself feeling tired or sluggish. Additionally, skylights are manufactured using a coating, or glazing, that prevents harmful UV rays from entering while letting the healthy light in.

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Skylight Tips and Benefits

1. Low E Glazing: When selecting the skylight you want, make sure it has a low E (low emittance) glazing. This glazing is a virtually invisible layer, metallic oxide or metal, which is deposited on the surface of a skylight or window that suppresses heat flow. This is accomplished by transferring the thermal radiation from one pane of glass to another. A low E glazing placed on the glass surface facing the next plane of glass blocks a substantial amount of the radiant heat transfer.

2. Recycling the Air in Your Home: Many of the health issues we face are in relation to the quality of the air in your home. Germs and bacteria are trapped in the stagnant air that is in your home, allowing them to be breathed in repeatedly. By adding a venting skylight, you can recycle clean air into your home.

3. Only Use Double or Triple-Pane Skylights: It is not recommended to use domed skylights. These types of skylights tend to let the warm and cool air escape from your home when you don’t want it to. On the other hand, double-pane skylights give you a 20% reduction in heat loss when compared to single-pane skylights. Using double-pane, or even triple-pane, skylights can save you nearly $2,500 during the life of the skylight when compared to single-pane or domed skylights.

4. Reducing the Need for Artificial Lights: Probably the best benefit of skylights is that they help to reduce your need for artificial light and thereby reduce your monthly utility bill. A well-lit home will make it more enjoyable for you, the homeowner, as well as making it healthier by letting in healthy natural light.

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