The Benefits of Skylights

There are obvious benefits of skylights being installed in your home that many people probably already know. Benefits such as reduced energy use and bringing additional lighting in the darker areas of a building or home are two of the most common.

However, there are more benefits that many are probably not aware of.

Energy Savings with Sun Tunnels and Skylights

I know, you already know that you can save on your energy bill by using these simple, yet effective, upgrades to your home or office. But, do you know that when you compare an incandescent light to a 14-inch sun tunnel, the sun tunnel produces the same amount of light as that of a 461 watt bulb? If you think a 14-inch sun tunnel is too big, a 10-inch sun tunnel will produce no less than 100 watts of light, even on cloudy days. Imagine the difference installing a skylight or sun tunnel in those dark areas of your home, office, or warehouse can make. Increased productivity, a better work environment and higher moral for starters.

Health Benefits of Skylights

Besides being healthier on your wallet, skylights and sun tunnels can also help with your physical and mental health when installed in your home. Allowing for more sunlight to enter your home, which is source of vitamin D, can improve your mood. Additionally, sunlight is believed to release the hormone serotonin, which can further increase your mood, as well as helping you to remain focused and feel calmer. Without enough sunlight, the serotonin levels in your body can dip, increasing the risk of low energy and increase the possibility of suffering from seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, which is a form of depression that is often times triggered by the changing of the seasons. Installing skylights or sun tunnels in your home can allow more of the healthy sun light in, therefore increasing your mood and health, while decreasing your risks.

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