How to Reduce Your Expenses With Skylights

Skylights are a great source of natural sunlight and are very good for the environment. There are many advantages of an energy saving skylights. They are good for your health, easy on your wallet, great for small rooms, brighten up a room naturally, disperses the light evenly, substitutes as an air conditioner or fan for those warmer months and much more.

Rooms such as basements and bathrooms are moist and are prone to mold and other toxic emissions. By putting in a skylight, the natural light soaks up that moisture and reduces these toxins. The main reason for these skylights is for the GREEN alternative.

Some people see skylights as luxury additions to homes, but really they are a green home improvement that people should really be considering. Homeowners aren’t fully understanding why skylights are so important and how beneficial they can really be.

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The Energy saving skylights are extremely energy efficient. They have the most passive solar heating and they eliminate heat transfer. In order to work to its full potential, energy saving skylights must be placed strategically. They need to be shaded in the summer to make sure you are maximizing your energy savings.

You have to think about many things when it comes to energy saving skylights. Orientation is first and this is because it is one of the greenest decisions. Depending on where you place your window, you are either going to save more money in the winter months or the summer months.

Multiple pane skylights can reduce heat loss by as much as 15 percent.

This can save you up to $2000.00 in energy savings over the whole life of the skylight. You should also only use skylights with low e coatings. These coatings reduce heat loss in the winter and it reduces the amount of heat that comes into your home during the summer. These coatings can make a huge difference when it comes to improving the overall efficiency of your energy.

When considering a skylight, you should think about low conductivity frames. Aluminum and steel frames will add to poor energy efficiency unlike wood, vinyl or fiberglass frames. You should also purchase insulated frames if they are available. The energy saving skylights also offer quality, comfort and health benefits.

Skylights allow for silent nights and days without the sound coming from the outside through the walls. Since the skylights are on the roof, the noise is almost cancelled out. Skylights also offer better ventilation and health. Poor air quality is a major contributor to poor health. You want to have as much natural ventilation as possible in your home. Natural lighting will also help with some health issues in the home. Homes that are well lit naturally provide homeowners with healthier living spaces.

Going green with skylights may cost you more upfront, but in the end, they are going to be well worth it and pay for themselves. They will save you money, save you your health, save the environment and much more.

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