6 Reasons Why You Need Skylights in Your Home

You already know that skylights are a desirable and attractive way to brighten your home and bring a little of the outdoors in, and that having them professionally installed is a necessity if you want them to last a lifetime. But are you thinking they are a luxury item…something to dream of having “one day?” On the contrary! Far from being a frivolous luxury, skylights can benefit you in numerous ways.

Check out this list of six reasons why skylights are actually a “must have!”

Skylights will literally make you happier. The more light you can get into your life, the brighter your mood will be. This is a great benefit to those who suffer from seasonal depression in the winter months, but everyone can benefit from a dose of sunlight sufficient to trigger our bodies’ absorption of vitamin D. It’s not present in many foods, but we need it for our physical health (it enables us to use calcium to build strong teeth and bones) and for our emotional health as well, since vitamin D levels are directly related to mood and hormone regulation.

Skylights will make you more productive. While adding to your general sense of well-being, studies have shown that increasing light also increases productivity and performance levels. More light leads to increased stimulation and alertness.

You’ll increase light but maintain privacy with skylights. Los Angeles homes are often built close to one another. You don’t want to put on a reality show for your neighbors or the passers-by, but you don’t want to sit in a dark room with the shades drawn, either. Skylights can solve your problem!

You can cut down the mold and mildew in your home with skylights. Natural lighting dramatically reduces the production of mold spores which can infiltrate your home and lead to serious respiratory problems. Bring some light into those damp dark areas of your home.

You can better control your home environment with skylights. A big window on one side of the house is great…for half the day. But since you only get light when the sun is on that side of the house, it can make things difficult. A task area that’s bright in the morning may be dark in the afternoon. It might be too hot to sit there when the sun is bright or too chilly when it’s dark. A skylight will give you evenly distributed light throughout the day and allow you to adjust your thermostat accordingly.

You’ll SAVE money by installing skylights. Orange County utility bills can be awfully expensive, but your investment in skylights will definitely reward you in the end. By reducing your need for electric lighting plus adding natural sunlight to your home, you can lower your heating bill by as much as ten percent. You may also be eligible for tax credits if you choose to install Energy Star qualified products.

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