Skylights and Health Benefits

The benefits of skylights go far beyond just having a nicer looking home. Skylights are energy efficient, cost effective, healthier for you and the environment. Skylights offer better ventilation for your home and much more. Many people have no idea why you might want to use sun tunnels, tubular skylights or skylights in your home or business. One of the main reasons is that insufficient amounts of sunlight is directly linked to a condition called SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. People who suffer from this have less energy, a larger appetite, and depression. Healthy and natural lighting that comes from skylights is going to be the biggest and best change you could make to your home or business.

Adding natural sunlight into your home or business is one of the greatest benefits of skylights. One of the skylights available for your home is the residential skylight. The features of this includes UV deflection and protection, the elimination of hot spots and direct sunlight, and natural light is evenly distributed.

Natural and even distribution of natural sunlight is shown to increase concentration, productivity and has also been shown to aid in the healing process.

As strange as it sounds, skylights have also raised people’s spirits, which can be very beneficial for those who work from home. Rooms that are filled with natural light are also more beautiful, seem more spacious and uplifting.

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Another type of skylight is the tubular skylight. This type of skylight provides natural light during the day. It works by capturing the daylight from the rooftop and then it carries the light through a tubular shaft that delivers the light into your home. These types of skylights provide less heat than electric lighting and this is why this is one of the greatest benefits of skylights. Installing these skylights are cost effective and even though they cost more upfront, they will pay for themselves in a few years. Artificial lighting contributes to high energy consumption for commercial and industrial usages, 40% of a building’s total usage, in fact.

Skylights can be installed virtually anywhere in any building. It is amazing what it can do for schools. The greatest benefits of skylights in schools is that they have been found to positively and significantly contribute to a student’s performance. The mental function of said students were raised and they performed better on tests because of the better mental functionality. Skylights in the office also boost energy up to 24%. So not only in schools and homes, but offices as well, people are performing better because of the natural lighting that comes from these skylights.

Businesses lose more than $150 billion a year because of a lack of productivity due to employee fatigue because of insufficient exposure to daylight in the office. Overall, the benefits of skylights are great. They raise mood, mental awareness, improve health, help brighten up a room, reduce energy costs, raise office performance and much more.

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