Skylights Brighten Up Your Home

Installing a skylight in a dull or dark room will naturally brighten it up without the unnatural yellow glow of a light bulb. It has been shown that installing skylights and bringing in natural sunlight can improve your overall health and wellness. Not only does a skylight improve health, it also adds a nice architectural element to your home.

Skylights are perfect for rooms that cannot have regular windows for various reasons. You can just add the skylight to the ceiling and it will brighten up that windowless room with the rays from the beautiful outdoors. Not only will the sun rays beam in to create beautiful, natural light, it will also naturally ventilate your home and act as an air conditioner during the warmer months. You can live better with skylights, you just have to make the call and get them installed.

You should have a sufficient plan in place for installing a skylight. The result of the skylight should be pleasing and efficient. You should plan for the outcome and not just place the skylight in any part of your ceiling, and here is why. When a skylight is installed, it is put in a precise location to give the best results no matter what time of year it is. When the rays from the sun come in through a regular window on the wall, it is catching low-angles rays in the winter and limits the high-angled rays in the summer.

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By strategically placing a skylight on an angled roof, you can avoid overheating a room. Placing the skylight on the south side of your home will cause this reaction. If you place the skylight facing the north, the light is going to come in equally and will keep a steady temperature throughout the room. This is why planning ahead is the best idea. Once you do this, you can live better with skylights and not have to worry about your room overheating or the sun not shining in the room equally.

After you have planned where you are going to put your skylight, you should make sure that the sun is not beaming directly on your cabinets or vanity. If they are, don’t choose a different location for your skylight, simply consider a gray or bronze-tinted glass that will block the UV rays of the sun. This will eliminate the bleaching effect on your cabinets. If you are working with a smaller space and can’t fit a standard skylight, don’t panic.

There is a type of skylight called a tubular skylight. This type of skylight is a clear acrylic dome that is placed on the roof of the smaller room. It then catches the sunlight and it reflected into a metal pipe that is carried through the attic and sent to a dome fixture in the ceiling that will emit the light that has been caught by the dome. These tubes are the perfect type of skylight for small rooms and they are easy to install.

You can live better with skylights for many reasons, the main reason being that it improves health, mood and is great for the environment. Skylights can be quick and easy to install by a professional and even though they may cost more upfront, they will pay for themselves when you see that your electric bill has gone down from less use of artificial lighting. Skylights are the perfect addition to any home and once they are in, you will love the look of your beautiful, natural lit room.

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