Replace a Skylight

You may need to replace a skylight if it has been damaged due to storms. You may simply wish to update to a newer model. Modern skylights offer better ventilation, improved insulation, cut sun glare, eliminate condensation and even come complete with remote control mechanisms. All reason enough to update and replace your skylight.

Before choosing a replacement skylight

  • Check the roof. Is it in good condition? Does it need work, or can you simply replace your skylight?
  • Measure your current skylight. It will be much easier to install your new skylight if it is the same size as the current one.
  • Consider purchasing a factory-built skylight rather than a custom-made one as it will offer better protection against the elements.

Once you’ve selected your replacement skylight

  • Use a crowbar to remove the current skylight. Also remove any mounting materials.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing the new skylight.
  • Ensure the base of the skylight is well sealed.
  • Check that you haven’t inadvertently loosened any roofing material.
  • Also check connection inside and look out for any areas that need additional sealing.

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