Five Unique Reasons to Install a Skylight

Skylights provide much more than just sunlight into a dark area or room in a home. Skylights add value in a variety of ways from protecting furnishings from fading to increasing health to allowing more privacy in a home without sacrificing sunlight. Homeowners installing a skylight have plenty of questions that range from placement to type of skylight to installation to adding value to a home. A professional Los Angeles skylight installer brings expertise to the table in helping homeowners answer questions.

Homeowners understand there are plenty of good as well as apparent reasons to install a skylight. Here are five unique reasons for installing a skylight that a homeowner might not realize.

1. Skylights allow for light to enter an area evenly. Traditional windows permit light to enter differently. As the sun moves across the horizon, the sunlight enters a traditional window accordingly. A skylight distributes sunlight across the whole transparent surface of the skylight throughout the day. Fading, sun glare and uneven light is minimized by a skylight. Furniture is affected by fading, sun glare affects a person’s vision, and uneven light contributes to the use of more conventional lighting.

2. Today, individuals spend much of their life indoors. Natural sunlight improves productivity and happiness. Sunlight fights against depression, various diseases and provides your body with vitamin D. Skylights in your home lessen the chance of a person suffering Seasonal Affective Disease (SAD). Natural sunlight combats diseases such as rickets and strengthens teeth with added vitamin D. A superb place for a skylight is a work/study room to help combat these problems.

3. Everyone likes plants in their home. A skylight brings natural sunlight into your home which makes your plants healthier. Plants release more oxygen into the air allowing easier breathing inside your home. Healthy plants in your home will brighten your mood and increase productivity. A superb place for plants in your home is the foyer area. Plants are a perfect way to welcome your guests into your home. Placing a skylight in your foyer allows for healthy plants. Adding a skylight to a foyer helps eliminate the use of conventional lighting during the day.

4. Sunlight is a great natural disinfectant. Kitchens and bathrooms are breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Natural sunlight helps eliminates problems for people who have asthma and other breathing or lung disorders. In addition, installing a skylight into a bathroom area provides privacy without sacrificing natural sunlight. Placing a skylight in your bathroom or kitchen is a great idea to help fight against mold and mildew.

5. The correct skylight helps reduce a person’s carbon footprint. Skylights are constructed from a variety of materials which enhances the energy efficiencies of a home. For instance, there are skylights which reduce solar heat gain in the summer and increase solar heat gain in the winter. Often the placement of the skylight decides which type of skylight to purchase and install. A professional Los Angeles skylight installer knows precisely the type of energy-efficient skylight to install.

As you can see, there are some unique reasons for homeowners to install a skylight. In addition to the above unique reasons, skylights add value and enhance the architectural style of a house. If you have more questions about installing a skylight, contact a qualified Los Angeles skylight installer.

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