Questions to Ask a Professional Skylight Installer

The time has come to think about projects that will add value to your home. Installing a skylight in a dark and dreary part of your home is a great idea. Skylights bring more sunlight into your home in a variety of places from bathrooms and kitchens to playrooms and bedrooms. Contacting a professional Los Angeles skylight installer before deciding where and what type of skylight to install at your home is a superb idea.

When considering installing skylights, there are many questions you should ask a qualified skylight installer. Questions worth asking a Los Angeles skylight installer include the best places to install a skylight, what type of skylight and how long the job will take to complete. Here is a list of some questions you should ask a professional skylight installer to ease your mind before installing a skylight.

Places to install a skylight.

There are a number of places in your home you can install a skylight. Places include your kitchen, bathroom, study, foyer, and bedrooms. Installing skylights in the right place is important. A qualified skylight installer shows you the benefits of where to place your skylight before installation.

Determining the placement of a skylight.

Placement is crucial when installing a skylight. You want to realize the true benefit of a skylight bringing more sunlight into your home. Installing a skylight requires expertise in many ways. Placement is determined by the amount of sunlight you wish to bring into your home. For instance, a skylight placed on the northern roofline of your home will allow more sun in the morning and less in the afternoon. Conversely, installing a skylight on the southern portion of your roofline permits more sun in the afternoon and less in the morning.

What type of skylight is best to install?

There are literally thousands of skylights on the market. Choosing the correct skylight to install is important. Skylights vary in materials from plastic domes to a variety of glass types like tempered and laminated. Skylights also have numerous Energy Star ratings too which help control heat loss and heat gain. There are even skylights that open to help vent your house, and there are skylights that have shades to control the amount of sunlight entering your home. A professional Los Angeles skylight installer analyzes your situation and helps choose the proper skylight to install in your home.

Installing a skylight.

Installation is the most important reason why you should contact a qualified skylight installer. An improperly installed skylight is the number one reason for leakage and water damage to your home. A professional skylight installer uses the correct flashing kit which is recommended by the skylight manufacturer. Another item to consider when installing a skylight is the pitch of your roof. The pitch of your roof determines whether a curb mount or fixed-mount skylight is installed. The steepness of your roof also dictates what type of construction takes place within your home. A skylight installer provides you with expertise in building the framework within your home to allow the correct amount of sunlight into your home.

Talking with a professional before any home improvement project is important for you and your home. If you have more questions about buying and installing skylights, then contacting a qualified Los Angeles skylight installer is the best thing to do.

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