How do Skylights Help the Environment?

Interior Finished in Two Gang Light Well

Skylights are a beautiful addition to any home. The ambiance and natural lighting that comes with these fixtures is undeniable. The addition of a skylight offers more than attractive aesthetics, however. Older models may have put a drain on the electric bill, but not the updated versions. New features make these additions energy efficient while maintaining a beautiful presence in the home. Learn how a skylight in your home can help the environment.


Skylights often have a reputation for decreasing electricity bills. The natural light given off by a skylight helps to reduce electrical dependency during the day. Less electricity means less use of toxic fuels necessary to run electrical plants. Skylights offer brighter light and better light dispersal throughout the room, as well. Natural light offers health benefits to those living in the home by regulating melatonin and serotonin levels. Your health and the environment stand to improve with natural solutions provided by skylight installation.


The main concern of skylight ownership is an excess of heat entering the home. Properly sealed and installed skylights do not allow cool air to leak out of your home.  Sunlight exposure does not have to be a deterrent to cool temperatures. Proper placement and glazing offer sufficient light while resisting additional heat. Ventilated skylights offer a natural cooling option. The skylight opens to allow hot air and a cool breeze to enter. This is accomplished by the height of the skylight. Warm air rises, making the roof a perfect place to release the heat. Cooler indoor temperatures reduce the use of electric air conditioners, further decreasing environmental impact.


The placement of a skylight is pertinent to energy conservation. A good skylight installer knows to research the best directional installation. A skylight must be placed at a proper slope to resist summer heat and maintain winter warmth. This slope depends on the direction your home faces, and your geographical location. The curvature of the skylight also plays a part in how the sun enters or reflects. This detail makes a huge difference in home temperature control. Schedule an appointment with an Orange County Skylight Installer to discuss options for your home.

The Solar Advantage

Some of the newest ventilated skylights come equipped with a small solar panel. This panel collects power from the sun to charge a battery. The battery is used to power the opening and closing mechanism on the skylight. A sensor alerts the mechanism of inclement weather possibilities. In the case of rain or other moisture inducing weather, the skylight automatically closes. This feature is meant to protect your home from damage in case you are not aware of approaching rain, sleet, or snow. An experienced Skylight manufacturer in Orange County can give a full explanation of the many options. The solar advantage also allows for sustainable energy to power your ventilated skylight. You get the best of modern technology without placing an unnecessary toll on the environment.

Unhealthy Air

Another strain on your electric usage is a consistently run air conditioner. These are often run to keep stagnant indoor air circulating. Indoor air is repeatedly recirculated through home cooling and heating systems. Eventually, filters become full, and the machinery has to work harder to move. Even with proper filtration, the air easily becomes unhealthy. Open windows often make the inside temperature uncomfortable. Ventilated skylights bring fresh air in while maintaining a comfortable temperature. They allow you to maintain your health while also minimizing your impact on the environment. Contact Orange County Skylight Company for a consultation on healthy options.

Sustainable energy choices often start at home. Homeowners are often unaware of opportunities that offer environmentally friendly energy use. Skylights have changed significantly from the energy-sapping versions that inhabit older homes. The products found at Orange County Skylight Company, Lighten Up Skylights, are the most recent, energy efficient selections. As energy use decreases, the environment is spared exposure to unnecessary toxins. Skylights are the most efficient way to reduce your energy bill while also making your home beautiful and safe for the planet.

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