Skylight Service Soultions for Older Skylights

Skylights are a perfect way to enhance the look and feel of a home or business. Skylights don’t last forever, though. Regular maintenance on skylights is a must for home and business owners. A qualified Los Angeles skylight service company offers solutions to all types of maintenance problems that occur once a skylight is added to a structure. Skylight services include all facets of maintenance including maintaining, cleaning, repairing, re-glazing, and if necessary, installing a new skylight.

Here are some problems that occur with older skylights that a professional skylight service company can find solutions to fix for you:

Energy Efficiency
One of the biggest problems with older skylights is energy efficiency. After consulting with a professional skylight service company, you will be surprised by the types of solutions that improve your skylight’s energy efficiency.

Re-glazing the glass or plastic panes on a skylight is a simple solution to an energy efficiency problem. Re-glazing helps bring your older skylight up to date and improves the A skylight service company understands the proper techniques of re-glazing based on a manufacturer’s specifications.

Replacing a skylight’s glass or plastic panes is another solution. Replacing glass or plastic panes on a skylight is difficult. Understanding the manufacturer’s specifications is important when replacing the glass or plastic of a skylight. A professional skylight service company guarantees newly installed glass or plastic panes will meet the manufacturer’s requirements against leaks. A skylight service company knows replacing older glass or plastic panes on a skylight increases the energy efficiency of a skylight.

Leaking Skylights
A Los Angeles skylight service company also helps with leaking skylights. Older skylights are more susceptible to leaking. Older skylights leak due to weathering of material, aging, improper maintenance, or because of improper installation. Improper installation of a new pane of glass or flashing causes water damage. A professional skylight service company inspect your skylights and your roof for water damage. The company determines whether repairing or replacing a skylight is the best option. When repairs are needed, a skylight service company knows the correct procedure to fix the problem based on the manufacturer’s specifications. Thus eliminating future leaks when the skylight is properly maintained.

Maintaining Skylights
Maintenance is needed on all homes, and skylights are no different. A qualified skylight service company understands how to maintain a skylight correctly. Cleaning your skylights is a great way to keep them maintained. While cleaning your skylights, a professional skylight service company checks for cracks, material buildup on the framework and glass panes, caulking or flashing problems, and maintains any type of mechanical items on a motorized skylight.

Installing Skylights
Installing a new skylight is also an option for an older skylight. A qualified skylight service company directs you to the best type of skylight and the correct placement of a skylight on your home or business. The company knows the correct installation procedures that meet manufacturer requirements.

A professional skylight service company starts by consulting with their clients about their needs and expectations. After discussing problems with their clients, a skylight service company can devise a plan of action. If you need a plan of action for your skylights, please contact a qualified Los Angeles skylight service company.

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