What are the benefits of adding a skylight to my house?

The sky is blue, and the clouds are white but what happens inside your house when the sky is grey, and the clouds are dark? The answer is simple. Your home is dark, drab and dreary. An excellent way to keep your house from not being the Three D’s is to install a skylight. Installing a skylight in your home helps avoid the treacherous Three D’s. Hiring a professional skylight installer is the best option to help create a living space that is full of natural sunlight.

What are the benefits of installing a skylight? There are three main benefits of installing a skylight on your house that includes natural sunlight, saving money on energy and stopping Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Hiring a professional Los Angeles skylight installer brings all these benefits into your home.

Natural Sunlight

Installing a skylight can be tricky. Even for the most ardent do-it-yourselfer. The benefits of natural sunlight are tremendous when you hire the right professional skylight installer. Adding natural sunlight to a room with or without windows is a complicated manner. When you hire a Los Angeles skylight installer, they will show you the best place to increase the natural sunlight in a room or area within your home. A professional skylight installer knows where to install a skylight on your roof to enhance the natural sunlight within your home.

For instance, a skylight facing south will add natural light to your home. You also experience more solar heat in the space during summer and winter months. East and west facing skylights increase sunlight around sunrise and sunset, while north-facing skylights add lighting without adding extra heat to your home. A professional skylight installer knows where to place the skylight on your roof to achieve the maximum benefits of the skylight.

Saving on Energy Costs

The correct placement of a skylight is essential not only for enhancing natural light but for reducing energy costs too. A professional skylight installer knows the exact location to place a skylight on your home to help with lowering your energy costs. Planning the correct position and installing the right style of a skylight helps reduce your energy costs.

For instance, a skylight installed facing south allows for more sunlight into a space but also will increase the heat factor within the area. A professional skylight installer knows to install a skylight that features a blind or a shade to help reduce the solar heat gain during the summer months. Conversely, during the winter months, a well-placed skylight can help reduce heating costs because of solar heat gain.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Natural sunlight is important for physical and mental health. When the Three D’s appear within your home, a homeowner can become depressed and suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Seasonal changes in the weather force a person to spend more time indoors which increases the possibility of SAD. Adding a skylight to increase natural sunlight helps make the Three D’s disappear during seasonal changes. When a professional skylight installer places a skylight on your home, the installer knows the correct angle to collect the necessary sunlight to brighten your home and help alleviate the symptoms of SAD.

Now you know three benefits of adding a skylight to your home. Hiring a qualified skylight installer will eliminate any questions about placement and design of your skylight. Contacting a Los Angeles skylight installer is the best option before you decide to cut a hole in your roof.

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