Why You Should Add a Skylight to Your Bathroom

Many homeowners that struggle with a dark, dingy and musty smelling bathroom are confused about what to do about their problem. The problem is compounded in older homes where there was no bathroom fan installed during the original construction of the home. Installing a skylight in an older bathroom has many advantages from creating more light to ventilation to allowing for more privacy. Hiring a professional Los Angeles skylight installer eliminates any questions that a homeowner has about installing a skylight in their bathroom.

Before you plan to remodel your bathroom, the best thing to do is contact a qualified skylight installer. By contacting a skylight installer, you find out what the benefits are of installing a skylight in your bathroom. Here are three reasons why installing a skylight in your bathroom is a good idea.

Mold and Mildew Issues

Built-up moisture within a space causes mold and mildew problems that hinder a person’s breathing ability. A poorly ventilated or a bathroom that lacks sunlight is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. A skylight allows more sunlight into the bathroom which is one of the best natural disinfectants that helps reduce bacteria and fungi. Some older homes were constructed without a bathroom fan which helps keep mold and mildew problems to a minimum. A good choice for a remodeled bathroom is a vented skylight. A vented skylight that is properly installed by a qualified Los Angeles skylight installer allows for additional ventilation which helps reduce mold and mildew issues by allowing moisture to escape. Adding a vented skylight within your older bathroom also helps with the reduction of foul odors.

Privacy Issues

Whether you live in a newly developed area or an older area of town, you realize that your home is very close to your neighbors. Taking a bath, shower or even using the toilet requires more privacy from your neighbors. Adding a skylight within your bathroom helps eliminate privacy issues with your neighbors. Homeowners that have decided to eliminate a wall window in their bathroom during remodeling and replace the window with a skylight realize that privacy issues are brought to a minimum. By installing a skylight in your bathroom you will increase your privacy levels without sacrificing natural sunlight.

Natural Sunlight

Natural sunlight is good for your health. Our bodies are more susceptible to diseases when we don’t receive sufficient amounts of sunlight. Sunlight provides important vitamins that are needed by your body such as vitamin D and B1 to help fight off a number of diseases from beriberi to rickets to muscle weakness. Natural sunlight also affects our mental health. Insufficient natural light increases depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder which causes stress, anxiety and mood swings.

The benefits of installing a skylight in your bathroom are limitless. Contacting a qualified Los Angeles skylight installer before you begin your remodel process is highly recommended.

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