Frequently Asked Questions about Tube Skylights

Installing a tube skylight will brighten up a dark room and is a perfect alternative to a full skylight. Tube skylights are economical and an easy way to add value to your home. Choosing the right Los Angeles skylight installer is the key to success a brighter room. A professional skylight company knows which tube skylight is best for your home and knows the correct way to install a tube skylight.

There are a few lingering questions that homeowners have about tube skylights and below you will find answers to those questions.

Is there a difference between a sun tube/ tubular skylight/ sun tunnel skylight?

Each of these products uses state-of-the-art technology to transfer natural sunlight into a dark space in your home. The technology is a mixture of engineered diffusers which work like a mirror allowing the sunlight to travel down the reflective sleeve or tube.

Why install a tube skylight?

The number one benefit of installing a tube skylight benefits is the introduction of natural sunlight into a dark space without heat gain and heat loss. A tube skylight utilizes a closed seal system to seamlessly allow natural sunlight to enter a dark space or room.

How do I know what size of a tube skylight is best for me?

A professional skylight installer measures the space where you want to add natural sunlight. The installer uses a formula to determine the correct size of tube skylight for your space. In general a 10” unit is perfect for bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms or any space less than 150 square feet. The ideal size for a 150-250 square feet space such as a kitchen or foyer is a 13/14” unit. Rooms such as family rooms or living rooms with 300-500 square feet require an 18” tube skylight. For spaces containing more than 500-700 square feet, a 21” tube skylight works the best.

What happens if the sun doesn’t shine?

Tube skylights function on cloudy days. Tube skylights have a state-of-the-art reflective system that is engineered to pull light into the room on cloudy days. The diffuser and optical system gather light from all directions and transfer the light through the tube.

How sturdy is the dome?

The dome is very sturdy. In fact, the dome has been engineered to withstand hurricane type conditions. Domes are not affected when hit by a flying object at 40mph and did not leak when exposed to rain combined with 130 mph winds. The acrylic dome is engineered not to fade or weaken due to exposure to UV Rays.

How do I know where to place my tube skylight?

Placing your tube skylight is critical. A tube skylight collects the most sunlight on the southwest facing side of your roof. A professional tube skylight company advises clients on the best places to install a tube skylight. When placing a tube skylight, you should avoid chimneys, trees or other roof structures that block direct sunlight.

What is the length of the tube?

Six feet is the perfect length for the tube or reflective sleeve. The tube is available in longer lengths up to 15 feet. A professional skylight installer advises clients on the correct length of the tube and the size of the dome. In general, a longer tube requires a larger dome.

How energy efficient is a tube skylight?

A tube skylight allows minimal heat gain or heat loss. Tube skylights are Energy Star rated enabling you to qualify for any type of tax credit on the state or federal level.

Will my tube skylight leak or cause water damage?

A professional skylight installer follows the manufacturer’s guidelines and uses a flashing kit that is recommended by the manufacturer. An improperly installed tube skylight will lead to leaks and water damage.

Can a tube skylight be used with a cathedral ceiling?

You can install a tube skylight in a cathedral ceiling. When you hire a professional skylight installer, they will advise you on the correct size and placement of your tube skylight.

Is a tube skylight insulated or will there be problems with condensation?

A tube skylight is engineered to eliminate problems that arise from condensation. A tube skylight is fully insulated to prevent heat gain or heat loss. State-of-the-art diffusers minimize condensation problems no matter what type of climate. A professional skylight company knows the correct unit to install for optimal light diffusion.

If you have more questions about installing a tube skylight, you should contact a Los Angeles professional skylight installer. A professional skylight installer will correctly install your tube skylight to optimize sunlight and prevent leaks.

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