Adding Value to Your Home with a Skylight

Homeowners always wonder what type of change they can make to their homes to increase the value of their property. Homeowners like to add more value to their homes by renovating spaces like a bathroom, a kitchen, a basement or an attic. Installing a skylight is another good way to add value to a home. A skylight installer knows which skylight will add value to your home, whether you are upgrading a bedroom, a bathroom or converting an attic space.

Aesthetic Value of a Skylight

A professional skylight installer knows that adding a skylight helps renew a home’s exterior and interior appearance. Installing the proper style and design of a skylight enhances the look of exterior architectural features. A Los Angeles skylight installer understands the different styles and designs which help add value to a home.

Installing a skylight increases the natural sunlight within a home. Natural sunlight is a big selling point to home buyers. Skylights enhance the interior of a house by highlighting features such as built-in cabinets with natural light. Natural sunlight makes a dark room bright and cheery as well as makes the space appear larger.

Proper Placement Value

The number one reason you should hire a professional skylight installer is placement and installation. A professional skylight installer knows the exact angle and location for placement on your roof to help maximize your investment. Hiring a Los Angeles skylight installer is beneficial for proper placement and installation of a skylight.

The placement of your skylight is important. A professional skylight installer understands the slope of your roof which determines the best type of skylight to install. A skylight installed on a roofline with a steep slope absorbs more solar heat in the winter and less in the summer. Conversely, a flat-pitched roof absorbs more solar heat in the summer than during the winter months. A professional skylight installer knows the right location for a skylight which will increase the value of your investment and lower the energy costs of a home.

Installing a new skylight requires cutting a hole in a home’s roof. Most homeowners are not comfortable cutting a hole in their roof. A professional skylight installer measures, cuts and installs a skylight with the proper flashing kit that is recommended by the manufacturer. Incorrect installation is the number one reason a skylight causes water damage. A Los Angeles skylight installer uses the correct flashing kit when installing skylights, eliminating any water damage to your roof or the interior of your home.

Converting Dead Space to Living Space Value

Anytime you add living space to a home; you create value. Converting an attic space into living space requires some window or skylight. No matter where you are located the new living space requires some form of sunlight. Placing a skylight in a new attic space is more cost effective than installing a dormer window. A professional skylight installer knows what type of skylight to install to satisfy building codes in your area. A new skylight increases the value of the new living space you are creating by being cost-effective while meeting building code requirements and allowing natural light into the area.

If you have more questions about how a skylight adds value to a home, please contact a professional Los Angeles skylight installer.

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