Important Questions about Installing a Skylight

Every homeowner may wonder what a properly installed skylight adds to their home. Installing a skylight in your home adds value, light and makes a small room look larger. Homeowners realize more benefits when they allow a professional Orange County skylight installer to complete their skylight project. Hiring a professional skylight installer assures your new skylight is installed correctly in the most optimal place on your house.

The correct placement, size, material, and Energy Star rating of your skylight is crucial for maximizing the benefits of your new skylight. Skylights are manufactured in a variety of styles and shapes with different casing materials, Energy Star ratings as well as different kinds of glass or plastic. Hiring a licensed skylight installer assures a homeowner of installing a skylight that is most beneficial.

There are numerous places where installing a skylight is more beneficial. Examples are a foyer, bathroom, kitchen, work/study room or living room. The size of an area or room determines the size of your skylight. For instance, the size of a skylight within a room with numerous windows should not exceed 5% of the total floor area. A room with fewer windows requires a skylight not greater than 15% of the total floor area. A professional skylight installer measures and calculates the correct sized skylight to install.

Besides bringing light into a dark area of your home, skylights also help with reducing your energy consumption. A skylight’s energy effect on your home varies according to which direction the skylight faces. Southern facing skylights allow for the best winter passive solar heat gain as well as more heat gain in the summer too. In contrast, north facing skylights allow for constant light without unwanted heat gain in the summer. Eastern facing skylights allow excellent light and solar heat gain in the morning. Western facing skylights are just the opposite, allowing for more light in the afternoon as well as solar heat gain. A professional skylight installer helps determine the correct Energy Star rated skylight. Improved energy consumption helps homeowners to lessen their carbon footprint.

The pitch of your roof is a determining factor in placement and installation. Installing a skylight on a flat roof is more labor intensive. The installer needs to build a frame on the roof to attach a curb mounted skylight. Installing a deck mounted skylight on a steeply pitched roof is more dangerous. In both cases, there is necessary construction or finish work outside and within the home to complete the project. Hiring a professional Orange County skylight installer eliminates the risk of falling as well as delays in constructing a frame or needed finish work inside a home.

The pitch of your roof also determines what type of flashing kit is needed to install a skylight properly. Skylight manufacturers recommended a specific flashing kit for each skylight. The number one reason for leaks and water damage from a skylight is improper installation. Many times this is due to homeowners using the wrong type of flashing kit. A professional skylight installer knows how to install a manufacturer approved flashing kit, minimizing the chance of leaks and water damage.

If you have more questions about skylights or want to install a skylight, please call a licensed Orange County skylight installer.

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