5 Health Benefits of Installing a Skylight

Most people installing a skylight in their home are looking for added sunlight. Everyone realizes sunlight is a great way to brighten their home and transform a dark area into a more livable space. Adding sunlight to your home also brings some health benefits for people to enjoy. By adding a skylight, you can transform a dark room as well as add longevity to your life with these added health benefits. Hiring a Los Angeles residential skylight installation company assures you of maximizing the health benefits of your skylight.

You are probably wondering what health benefits a skylight adds to your home. Below is a short list of health benefits that homeowners experience after installing a skylight.

Effects of Natural Sunlight

Natural sunlight is a crucial aspect of adding vitamin D to your body. Having healthy levels of vitamin D can ward off several diseases including osteoporosis, rickets, diabetes, and cancer. Also, vitamin D strengthens bones as well as your teeth. Natural sunlight is an ideal source of vitamin D and adding a skylight increases natural sunlight in your home.

Reducing Mold and Bacteria

Mold and bacteria help increase allergies inside your home. Allergies cause a variety of health issues from asthma to nausea to headaches. An ideal place for mold and mildew to grow is a dark environment such as a bathroom, kitchen or entryway. Natural sunlight works as a natural disinfectant by killing mold spores and bacteria. A professional Los Angeles residential skylight installation company installs your skylight where you will realize the most benefits from sunlight.

Stabilizing Mood and Increasing Productivity

Natural sunlight increases the serotonin in your body. Higher levels of serotonin in your body bring more energy and positive moods which lead to increases in productivity. Besides, natural sunlight has been linked to alleviating stress and lowering blood pressure.

Seasonal Affective Disorder-SAD

Natural sunlight is the best solution to help people avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The effects of SAD are more prominent in people who spend too much time indoors. A study by the Environment Protection Agency has shown that the average person spends less than 7% of their life outdoors. Adding a skylight helps lessen the effects of SAD by allowing natural sunlight into a dark area of your home.

Lowering Atmospheric Pollution

Installing a skylight is a great way to be green. Being green helps lower carbon emissions in the atmosphere which are the leading cause of greenhouse gas. Skylights help a homeowner lower their carbon footprint by adding sunlight and by reducing their energy costs. Reduced pollution in the atmosphere decreases respiratory diseases such as asthma, emphysema and other forms of breathing disorders.

There are other benefits found by adding a skylight to your home as well. Hiring a professional Los Angeles residential skylight company is a perfect way to assure yourself of gaining all the benefits of your skylight. A professional skylight installer knows exactly how to maximize the benefits of a skylight that range from health to energy efficiency to visual appeal. If you have more questions about skylights, please contact your nearest Los Angeles residential skylight installation company.

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