How to Live Better With Skylights

Is your bathroom or kitchen dark and dull?

The answer to this problem is to install a skylight or two. You can live better with skylights not only because they will brighten up a room, but because they are shown to improve mood and health.

Skylights will also add a nice architectural element as well and open your eyes to a whole new way of lighting up your home. Skylights bring in natural light and essentially bring the beauty of the outdoors, indoors. If you wanted a window but there is no exterior wall to put one, you can just create one in the ceiling. Don’t worry about the air conditioning issue in the summer either. Some skylights can be opened for ventilation and act as a natural air conditioner.

In order to achieve a result that is not only going to be pleasing, but efficient as well, you need to plan well. You need to plan for the outcome and not just start knocking holes out of the ceiling. You cannot just place any window in any spot, you have to realize that adding skylights to a bathroom or a kitchen has different effects than adding a regular window. If you can understand how this works, you are well on your way to learning to live better with skylights.

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When you put a window in a wall, it is going to catch low-angled rays of the sun during the winter and will limit the high-angled glare of the sun in the summer. A skylight has the opposite effect. If you place a skylight on an angled roof facing the south, the sun is going to overheat the room. North facing skylights admit a soft diffuse light throughout the day, but they won’t give off a sun splashed effect. If you are placing the skylight in a room that has new cabinets or an oak vanity, you should consider a gray or bronze-tinted glass that is going to block the ultraviolet rays from the sun. When picking the skylight, don’t use one that is too small. It is going have less of an effect and the large amount of effort is going to result in a tiny outcome.

If you are working on a small space to live better with skylights, consider tubular skylights. These skylights consist of a clear acrylic dome placed on the roof that catches the sunlight. It is then carried through the attic and sent to a flush or domed fixture in the ceiling which will disperse the light that has been caught. These tubes are easy to install and are great for bringing all natural light into room that are too small for a regular sized skylight.

If you are installing a skylight in the bathroom, make sure it is properly ventilated to deal with the excess moisture. Skylights are a great source of natural light and make people feel healthier and better altogether. It requires an investment, but the outcome is certainly worth it when you get your energy bill and it is significantly lower than before you put the skylight in.

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