5 Ways Skylights Benefit the Workplace

Whether your workplace is a retail store that is focused on sales, or a modern office, adding skylights in the workplace allow for healthy and natural light enter that offers a variety of benefits.

Let’s talk about some of those benefits now.

Increased Motivation, Reduced Stress

It has been proven that natural light can reduce the feelings of frustration, tiredness and stress. With just 10 minutes of exposure to natural light on a daily basis, you can reduce a huge amount of stress, helping to create a more satisfying and healthier workplace.

As well as reducing stress, exposure to natural light can improve your motivation and help you to stay focused on your assigned tasks. Your team will benefit from increased motivation that the natural light from a skylight offers, even with diffusing filters. They will also have less stress and be more relaxed, increasing their output.

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Increase the Closing Rate of Your Sales Team

Do you know why photographers prefer using natural light over artificial light? Because natural light makes things look better and encourages interaction from customers. Many of the largest retail chains in the nation have studied what effects lighting can have on their sales. What they found was that the natural light from daylighting systems and skylights actually increased their sales. Additionally, it increased the amount of interest customers had in their products and boosted the bottom line of the company.

Increased Productivity and Output

As briefly mentioned above, natural light actually increases the output and productivity in the workplace. Science has proven that when people in the work environment are exposed to natural light, they are more efficient and more productive.

Research conducted by a Swedish scientist demonstrates how natural light exposure increases the productivity level of employees when compared to artificial light sources. This means the cost of switching to skylights is offset by the increased productivity in your workplace.

Improved Environment, Reduced Energy Costs

In spite of the introduction of efficient light bulbs for the office, energy costs are on the rise and lighting is the main utility cost for most businesses. Even though you may still need to have some artificial lighting, using natural light provided from skylights will dramatically reduce the amount of your energy bills.

With the correct placement of skylights, you can light your complete office with natural light during the daytime. The right skylights with smart planning will make for major reductions in your company’s energy costs, possibly up to 30% per month.

Create a More Appealing and Comfortable Working Environment

Troubles sleeping, headaches and reduced energy levels are just some of the negative health effects that can be caused by too much exposure to artificial light sources. Installing small skylights in your workplace, store or office can have a significant positive impact on the happiness and comfort of your employees. In addition to being an important element to good health, using skylights in the workplace will help to keep your team more comfortable, efficient and focused.

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