Problems with Do-it-Yourself Replacement Skylights

Everything in the world has a life expectancy, and skylights are no different. Making a decision about replacing older skylights is time-consuming and a lot of work. When you wait too long, there is a chance for more damage to your most important investment, your home. Homeowners find out quickly that contacting a Los Angeles skylight replacement service relieves stress, takes the guessing out what type of skylight to install and allows homeowners to live their lives on the weekends.

Lots of homeowners think replacing an old skylight is an easy chore. One thing for sure, tearing apart your roof to remove an older skylight is not an easy chore. There are many things that can go wrong when an ill-equipped homeowner tries a difficult do-it-yourself project. Hiring a qualified Los Angeles skylight replacement service takes the guessing out a difficult project. Here are a few reasons why contacting a licensed skylight installer is important and a good idea.


Removing an older skylight is tricky. A person needs to remove the skylight without damaging the roof. Most homeowners do not have the necessary skills to remove shingles and old flashing before they remove the skylight. Many times too many shingles are removed from the roof. Matching newer shingles with older shingles is challenging. Removing old flashing is hard as well. Cutting older flashing away from an older skylight is risky. A qualified skylight replacement service knows how many shingles to remove as well as how to cut away older flashing from a skylight.


Newer skylights are manufactured in a variety of new styles. A qualified skylight installer knows exactly what style to place on your roof. They will advise you of the different specifications of models and manufacturers that are ideal for your home. Newer styles include energy star rated skylights. Energy star rated skylights will help lower your carbon footprint and improve the energy efficiency of a home.

Another improvement for new skylights is the type of glass used in manufacturing skylights. Many older skylights are not made from tempered or laminated glass. Installing a new skylight manufactured with tempered or laminated glass will increase safety in a home if the skylight breaks. The improved glass components in newer skylights also reduce the chance of the skylight breaking from a fallen branch or heavy hail storm.

Placement and sizing

A professional skylight replacement service advises homeowners on where to install a new skylight. They suggest the optimal places on your roof and the right size of skylight for your needs. Older skylights may be too big or too small to achieve the proper results. If a larger skylight is necessary, then your qualified skylight installer knows how and where to cut your roof. Replacing your older skylight with one that is smaller is challenging. A professional skylight installer works diligently to repair the hole in a roof to fit a new smaller skylight.

There are many things that go wrong when homeowners attempt replacing their older skylights. Are you worried about replacing your older skylights on your home? If you are worried, then a great thing to do is talk with a Los Angeles skylight replacement service.

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