5 Unexpected Benefits of Skylights

Living in a sunny location such as Southern California, it makes a lot of sense to want to bring that sunshine into every corner of your life, including your home. Until recently, most home construction companies did not build houses to allow in much natural light. That’s where your local Orange County skylight installer comes in. We can help you select just the right choices to meet your lighting needs. Furthermore, deciding to upgrade your home with skylights is one that has several hidden benefits.

More and more, there are concerning reports about the future health of our planet. Every time you use electricity, your local power plant sends toxins, such as greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. These pollutants are eroding the environment. Installing skylights will allow you to be less reliant on the electricity grid. Using sunlight to brighten your home means using less traditional, electric-based lights.

Today’s home builders are putting houses closer to one another than in prior generations. That means that your neighbors will have a front-row seat to whatever is going on in your home if you use traditional windows to bring more natural light into your home. Skylight manufacturers have solved that problem by using your roof, rather than your walls, to access the sun. So you won’t compromise your privacy when you install skylights.

As we age, our eyes require more light to see. This is because the muscles in our eyes start to weaken, making it harder for our pupils to adjust to the light. In fact, people in their 60s need three times more light to see than people in their 20s. Skylights are an efficient way to bring more natural light into the spaces where you need it most.

Sunlight is the best way to access Vitamin D. We need Vitamin D to maintain bone and dental health, reduce inflammation, and support our immune system. Our bodies do not produce VItamin D. Though you can take a Vitamin D supplement, the most effective way to get Vitamin D is through regular, and safe, exposure to sunlight. Research has proven that Vitamin D can have a positive effect on depression. Sunlight boosts your mood and can have increase work production. A few minutes of sun a couple of times a week can provide the right amount of Vitamin D. Vitamin D, however, breaks down quickly. By adding a skylight to your roof, you will have safe, daily exposure to a vitamin that you need to stay healthy.

Our spaces look their best in natural light. Incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lighting give off a harsh, artificial light that is hard on the eyes. Sunlight allows the beauty of your home to shine without the distortion of artificial lighting. Highlight the unique qualities of the house with natural light that skylights can deliver.

Adding skylights will be one of the best upgrades you can make for your Southern California home. You will benefit by selecting the right types of skylights as well as the proper placement of the lights. You can rely on an Orange County skylight company to know precisely how to make skylights work for you and your home.