Do Skylights Add Value to Your Home?

When updating a house, homeowners often consider the value or depreciation of additional construction. Some additions provide personal satisfaction, while others are meant to increase the resale value for future profit. Homeowners avoided skylights in the past due to negative reviews. The new features on Skylights, however, make them a desirable attribute in modern homes. Take a look at how a Skylight can raise the value and enjoyment of your home.

Energy Efficiency

Buyers prefer homes with money-saving features. Energy efficient homes decrease electric bills. Skylights help reduce electric bills by lowering light bulb use and reducing the need for air conditioning. Proper placement of your skylight aims to keep the temperature inside the home comfortable. Proper installation and sealing prevent water and air leaks. Professionals place high-quality sealants around the skylight during installation. Ventilated models allow for air flow when they are open. Manufacturers design these for cooling purposes. A  Los Angeles skylight installer can help you plan the addition. The key to energy efficiency is choosing the right model of skylight for your particular home.

Natural Light

Builders are making modern homes more open and airy. Natural décor trends dictate the construction of new homes. The best way to accent this style is with natural light. A skylight can raise the value of a home by adding light without tearing into side walls for window additions. The light introduced from above is more direct and fluid. This also allows for privacy. One can maintain good lighting without opening blinds on side windows. The proximity of neighbors is not a concern with skylights. A Los Angeles skylight manufacturer, Lighten Up Skylights, is sure to have the perfect model for any room in your home. Natural light is better for health and also adds to the energy efficiency of the house.


Homes rarely come with unique features in today’s housing market. Mass production has added to the dilemma of uniform housing projects. Older homes often present with more variety but are more expensive to maintain. Beauty should not come with increased energy bills. The installation of a skylight adds an exclusive feature that can help your home stand out. Plan a consultation with a Los Angeles skylight company to discuss the options for your home. A skylight can change the entire atmosphere of your kitchen or living room. Create an environment you can’t wait to come home to.

Temperature Control

The temperature in your home can be difficult to regulate with standard cooling and heating practices. Houses often get too hot or too cold. Heat in the winter can make the air uncomfortably dry, as well. A good Los Angeles skylight installer such as Lighten Up Skylights can help you solve temperature control issues. Ventilated skylights offer natural warm air removal and cold air circulation. Solar panels regulate when they open and close, depending on the moisture in the air. Skylights with correct directional placement and proper glazing help to keep heat from escaping in the winter. This is a common problem with some regular windows. Improved control of the temperature in your home saves money and increases comfort. These extra features often persuade potential buyers to take a second look.

Skylights can make your house more of a home. They add to the beauty and comfort by increasing natural light and controlling temperatures. Natural cooling makes the indoor air less stagnant and more pleasant for your family. Energy efficiency is a significant attribute searched for by homebuyers. Skylights can guarantee less energy use, resulting in lower electric and gas bills. The best skylights in Los Angeles are available from established companies with experienced installers. Take the time to search availability in your area. A skylight also adds value by making your home unique. Your home stands out in the crowd when a skylight is present. Skylight installation comes with a variety of benefits aimed at improving your living space.